Cypher9 Ventures

Cypher9 is an investment institution established in 2017, specialising in the blockchain. Chyper9 actively invests in high-quality projects in the blockchain industry and is committed to becoming a bridge between the traditional financial market and the blockchain ecology. 

Cypher9 aims to build a future-oriented digital financial organism, providing more professional services for institutional clients in the financial sector and potential blockchain start-up teams. 

Cypher9 leverages its industry insight to discover and tap potential projects in the blockchain field, mobilizes resources to grow with them, and jointly explores the future development direction of blockchain technology. In promoting the progress of blockchain technology, we continue to create value for the industry.

Cypher9's investment scope covers all areas of the blockchain ecology, including the underlying public chain, protocol, application layer, etc., covering Polkadot ecology, DeFi applications, NFT, gamefi, metaverse, DAO applications, etc. We have invested in more than 70 domestic and foreign blockchain projects.

As an influential investment institution, Cypher9 can support the development of the project party in terms of funds, bringing high-quality resources to projects. Through its engaged media and communities, Cypher9 can greatly increase the media exposure of the project party and effectively enhance its visibility. By close cooperating with the head trading platforms, Cypher9 provide priority opportunities to go online.

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